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Angel Book

Title: "ANGELS - A Tribute to Angels / Angelic Invocations"

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ISBN: v.ii 9963-9245-2-2

Binding: Perfect Binding.

Number of pages: 54 (all full color)

Printed on high quality, glossy paper.

Soft cover.

An illustrated book that appeals to Fantasy Art lovers and people who feel a spiritual affinity with angels.


The book can also be used as a tool for meditation since a section of it, offers a series of positive affirmations / prayers / invocations to angels.

Angels of Light as well as fallen angels, appear as metaphors for humanity's fall and struggle to ascend to its place of origin. This symbolic journey into our own depths is given with an inspired text and with over fifty coloured illustrations and paintings. 


Traditional illustration, intricate ink work that gives to paintings a kind of age old engraving quality, but also surrealism and Fantasy Art, are the means chosen by the Artist, to express her love for Angels. 



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Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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