Fanitsa Petrou Art. Painting of a woman in a romantic skirt, buy Art online, big canvas, Realistic Art, realistic painting, Traditional art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Art Nouveau inspired. Romantic painting by Fanitsa Petrou. Bon Appetit.
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Nude painting of a man. Traditional art by Fanitsa Petrou, realistic painting of a man, realistic art, painting of man standing, big canvas, buy Art online,
Traditional Art
Romantic / Art Nouveau Inspired
All paintings
Hand Painted Furniture
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Hand painted furniture. One-of-a-kind. Home sweet Home. White table and chairs.  Art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Angel Art

Fanitsa Petrou Art. Angel art. Romantic Angel painting. Realistic art, Fantasy Art, Angel Art, Angels, Angel painting, Traditional art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Goddess Tradition / Mythology
Fantasy Art
Spiritual Art
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Lady of the peacocks.  Mythology, goddess tradition. Fantasy art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Future city. Sci-fi illustration. Futuristic Art, Fantasy art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Fanitsa Petrou Art. The seven chakras. the 7 chacras. spiritual art by Fanitsa Petrou.
Fanitsa Petrou Art. Blue mermaid. mermaids, the sea, Mythology, goddess tradition. surrealism, Fantasy art by Fanitsa Petrou.

Art By Fanitsa Petrou

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RETURNS: Clients are able to buy art, knowing that if they decide not to keep their purchase, they may return it in an undamaged considtion within 3 days of receipt for an exchange or they will be reimbursed for the full value of the item they bought, less all shipping and handling costs and PayPal fees. The refund will be given in the form of Merchandise Credit, which can be used towards purchasing another Artwork within 6 (six) months. ( Cards & calendars are not refundable).  Please read Terms & Conditions for more info.

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