Adele as an Alternative Pop Idol

.....and we need to be in the right mood, because she is likely to take us where we dread to go. And when her albums first come out, we need

A Belated Shock

Isn’t that always the way? Give them enough time, and even fictional heroes will betray you in the end…

How to live a good Life - I

Unless you are a doctor on call, the parent of a new-born baby, the president of your country, or a secret agent about to prevent a nuclear

Art & Self Awareness are not a great engineer because you once assembled an Ikea bed; you are not a computer genius because you managed to upgrade Windo

When Heroes Go Down

Back when Bono was still relevant, and had no Messianic complexes. His voice creeping into your veins breathing deeply into your soul as he

Wide Open Virtual Spaces

“You should initiate your hard disc first”, they say with a deadpan seriousness.“Will it require ritual death masks and body make up?” I qui

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to check out all kinds of products with Fanitsa's designs: T-shirts, baby wear, kids wear, flip flops, mugs, pillows, chopping boards, pitchers, plates, cake toppers, ornaments, tiles, coasters, and all kinds of beautiful things. 


Art By Fanitsa Petrou

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RETURNS: Clients are able to buy art, knowing that if they decide not to keep their purchase, they may return it in an undamaged considtion within 3 days of receipt for an exchange or they will be reimbursed for the full value of the item they bought, less all shipping and handling costs and PayPal fees. The refund will be given in the form of Merchandise Credit, which can be used towards purchasing another Artwork within 6 (six) months. ( Cards & calendars are not refundable).  Please read Terms & Conditions for more info.

The prices displayed on this web site, refer to this website only and are unrelated to sales done through different venues, exhibitions, shops, Art fairs, through artist's representatives or privately, etc. The Seller may at any moment change prices, offers, discounts, at her own discretion. In terms of this website, the price owed by the Purchaser is the price as seen at the checkout / Order Form on the day of the sale. The “TOTAL” on the Order Form is defined as the final selling price for the Artwork sold through this web site. 

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