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 Thank you for visiting my site.

I am an artist splitting my time between writing, painting, and designing stuff. Usually while watching TV.


If you came here for the Art, I hope you will stay for the articles...

and if you were redirected here from my writer's site, I hope you will also check out my Art.

Note: all the content from

 has found a new place here (Click on Blog)  

In any case, thank you for stopping by.


If you are interested in commissioning or licensing an artwork or article, or if you wish to ask about any item on this site, 

feel free to send an email (See contact form below)

For Art prints, T-shirts, mugs, Home decor items etc, see available vendors in  "Merge".


All items you order from this web site are shipped from within the European Union.

The items you order directly from the online shops that sell my work (see"Merge")  

are mostly shipped from the USA  - pls contact for further info.



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Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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