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Cartoons / Editorials

Editorial designs and cartoons.

women 5
wonder woman
game thrones psycho 1 light
syrian refugees layer1b
refugees suitcase layer
pregnant a
fanitsa-hipster chic
women 11
_the revolution will be female 350res
3.fanitsa-kurt kobein nirvana sm
checkered sm
womne 12
brides crop
refugees layer2
syrian refugees layer1b
bride 3
fuck -patriarchy 2
the future is female pink
The future is female 5-72
8.fanitsa-woman in green sm
2.fanitsa-female aviators sm
1.fanitsa-bicycles & tricycles sm
married Scan 3
radical feminist 2
24.fanitsa-phrenology sm
13.fanitsa-rose tatoo sm
the revolution 6 72q
The Future is female 2
handmaids 9 sm
handmaids image 32 sm
1.handmaid mug 3
1.b gender traitor -handmaids new scan 1d gender traitor
1.gender traitor c copy
handmaids image 4
handmaids image 7 smb
handmaids iamge sm
thrones 3
brides a
child brides
kiss 3
brides layers1sm fanitsa
cheating b
bride 2
the revolution will be e
millennial hipster
Ok guy
hand heart2
cover young 21b
princess leia revolution
adele scan fin
adele Scan 2 sm
will grace 2
jack & karen 2
gregory peck
gregory peck 2b
computers 1
gilmore scan
gilmore girls jess
computers 2
woman with dog
join the revolution 2
the revolution is female 3 72 new
1.medusa t-shirt
billy idol fin 2
cheating 2
man proposing
retro chic 6
fanitsa-scan 20
fanitsa-scan 19
fanitsa-scan 18
fanitsa-scan 3
fanitsa-scan 16
fanitsa-scan 15
fanitsa-scan 7
fanitsa-scan 14
fanitsa-scan 12
fanitsa-scan 13
fanitsa-scan 11
fanitsa-scan 10
fanitsa-scan 9
fanitsa-scan 8
fanitsa-scan 6
fanitsa-scan 5
fanitsa-scan 4
fanitsa-scan 2
fanitsa-scan 1
fanitsa-scan 17

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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