Fantasy Art - Spirituality

Fantasy art and surrealism are means with which an artist attempts to capture the uncertain, the impalpable, the encrypted mystery of our inner nature. The uncharted and chaotic domain of the unconscious mind.

Fanitsa Petrou Art, Fantasy Art by Fanitsa Petrou, Gothic art, woman with wings,, art by Fanitsa Petrou,

In the case of Canvas paintings, upon purchase, the canvas, will be sent in a tube, in order to keep shipping /pachaging costs to the minimum. If however, you want to have the painting send as it is (canvas stretched on wooden frame)  - though not advisable - please notify me and I will let you know about additional costs.

Paintings done on paper, can either be send in tube or in a protective envelope.

Some of the paitings done on paper, are framed. Price & weight info does not refer to frames. Should you want to have the painting send with a frame, please contact me. 



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Art By Fanitsa Petrou