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Fantasy Art Portraits

Fanitsa Petrou Art, Fantasy Art, goddess tradition, Lady of the Peacocks

Commission a Fantasy Art Portrait! See yourself (or your loved ones) as the protagonist of a Fantasy Art  piece, for example wearing garments of a different era, a bygone or even a future time,  riding a horse or even a dragon, holding a symbolic object, or an animal, being part of a mythical story, a famous play or movie, or a sci-fi world etc etc. These portraits can be hand painted, digital or a compination of the two - all the images shown in this gallery are hand painted.

Reference photographs:  As a rule, I work from photographs. When you are choosing the reference photograph, make sure that is reasonably large and as sharp as possible. In the case of the Fantasy Art portraits, a clear, sharp and reasonably large photograph of the subject’s head is required, but also one that is posed in the same way as the final portrait. If for example I will be painting a portrait of you grasping a sword, I need a photograph of your actual hand, doing the same movement. I will add the details (sword, armor, horse, etc) myself. 

Completion time: Completion times can vary between 2 - 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the work or current workload, so always allow plenty of time if planning a birthday gift, etc. If you require completion more quickly, just ask - I may be able to help.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before commencement of the work - the remaining balance being due on completion.

Approval/Delivery: Once completed, you will see the work in a digital scan and once you are satisfied, and the remaining balance has been received, the portrait will be dispatched to you by a secure method. If you are not satisfied with the result, I will keep the original and the non-refundable deposit, and you will not pay the remaining fee.

Copyright holder of all work created by her, is Fanitsa Petrou. The right is reserved to photograph all work for private portfolio and to use any unsold commissioned work for resale, exhibition, advertising, etc.


Images of sold commissions will only be used for promotional purposes with the express permission of the purchasers.

spring sm
the mask
4.snake eyes
Adonis DV
fantasy art cat woman
blue light
warrior princess I DV
warrior princess II DV
LadyOfThePeacocks DV
Takius DV
lady of the lake I
energie-futur. no logo-sharp


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Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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