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Fanitsa Petrou Art, hand painted furniture, art nouveau illustration by Fanitsa Petrou,


Hand Rendered Details on Furniture

Any piece of furniture can be transformed into a work of Art, with the addition of hand painted, artistic, decorative details.

These are not copies, stencil designs or decoupage / glued on prints of someone else's work. They are original one-of-a-kind, highly detailed illustrations and Calligraphy designs, directly painted on the furniture.

They are protected with multible coats of varnish and can be cleaned with  wet cloth or mild furniture polish wetties. Bare also in mind that if you ever get tired of them, you can take the painted parts (like the top of a table or the back of a chair) and turn them into unique paintings with the addition of a chain,  which can be hanged or mountained on your walls adding a whimsical touch to any room.

(If you live abroad and have a furniture you want me to decorate, you don't have to send the entire piece. It is advisable to send a movable part of it, such as the drawers, so that the shipping cost will be kept to the minimum)


    Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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