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Ancestral Portraits - A pictorial family history.
By sending photos of your family members and ancestors, I can use these to create an image or a series of images, that include their place of origins, their ancestral city, symbols and objects related to them, or the time they have lived, poems or art pieces they loved, letters they have written, items they have used, etc etc. creating in this way a kind of history of your family or a kind of pictorial family tree if you like. These "Ancestral portraits" are a combination of digital and hand painted art.

Ancestral Portraits - By Commission

  • Clients are able to buy art, knowing that if they decide not to keep their purchase, they may return it within 3 days of receipt for an exchange or they will be reimbursed for the full value of the item they bought, less all shipping costs.

    -The following conditions apply when returning items:

    i)  I must be notified by email, before returning the artwork.

    ii) The money will be refunded after the artwork is received in an UNDAMAGED condition.

    iii) The artwork is to be shipped via a reputable courier back to me within 3 days of receiving it. (as shown in the post office stamp or courier receipt)

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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