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Folded card. 
Blank inside.
Inscription on back: "There is a place beneath the dark waters where she dwells still. 
In caves and old shipwrecks.
Waiting underneath. 
Luring sea men with her song.    
The great enchantress of the deep blue see. 
The mermaid old sailors feared. And curved upon the prow of their vessel.

There is a place where she slides silently her fishlike form. 
Swaddled in sea weeds. 
Collecting perfect sea shells for her hair. 
Singing her song of old. 
Her secrets submerged in the deep. 

There is a place where she swims still" - Fanitsa Petrou
Gloss paper.
With envelope.
Original painting available.

"Blue Mermaid" card

SKU: c0080
  • Art & Words Copyright © Fanitsa petrou. All Rights reserved. Any unauthorised use will leadd to legal implications.

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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