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"Before the dawn, when light brakes,
when life's reborn and all hope new,
They come out and they pray.
The Sea maidens. So Young so true.

Unseen by eyes of unfaithful creatures,
unnoticed by those with no heart,
serenity and love on their features,
they swim and come upon the land.

Their eyes closed, their whisper sweet,
they offer their words to the goddess,
they offer their pledge to the great big Sea" 
-Fanitsa Petrou

(The price refers to one painting. Can be paired with  "Early Morning Light II" - 10 % Discount when bought together.)

Early Morning Light I,

SKU: pt0154
  • Clients are able to buy art, knowing that if they decide not to keep their purchase, they may return it in an undamaged considtion within 3 days of receipt for an exchange or they will be reimbursed for the full value of the item they bought, less all shipping and handling costs and PayPal fees. The refund will be given in the form of Merchandise Credit, which can be used towards purchasing another Artwork within 6 (six) months.

    Please read Terms & Conditions for more info.

  • In the case of Canvas paintings, upon purchase, the canvas, will be sent in a tube, in order to keep shipping /pachaging costs to the minimum. If however, you want to have the painting send as it is (canvas stretched on wooden frame)  - though not advisable - please notify me and I will let you know about additional costs.

    Paintings done on paper, can either be send in tube or in a protective envelope.

    Some of the paitings done on paper, are framed. Price, size & weight info does not refer to frames. Should you want to have the painting send with a frame, please contact me. 

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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