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Wooden. Print of original designs by Fanitsa Petrou. 

Part of the 'Apothecaries' Garden series' of illustrations. 

Inscriptions: "Orange - Citrus Sinensis: Orange, any of several species of small trees or shrubs of the......"
Very Limited Edition. Only 3 pieces created, 2  available.

ideal for your kitchen wall. Can be paired with other signs - ideally the "Lemons" sign)  as seen in photos.

The price refers to the signs in the first 2 photos.

Every piece in this collection has a "distress", aged, fading-wall-paper, vintagey look. 
Even when there are more than one copies of the same design (though always very few), each piece is individual: there are slights differences in colour and the kind of "imperfections" found in all hand crafted works.

"Orange", wooden sign

SKU: S0120
  • Handle with care. Dust with dusting feather. Clean with mild furniture polish wetties. Do not use chemicals, or cleaning materials that contain bleach or alcohol.

  • Art & Words Copyright © Fanitsa petrou. All Rights reserved. Any unauthorised use will leadd to legal implications.

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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