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Folded card. 
Blank inside.
Inscription on front: “She approached them silently. Her hands raised, holding the Holy Chalice.  A light emanating from its humble wooden center. All the knights put their swords on the ground and knelt, without knowing why. And then they become suddenly aware of all that was noble in them. Old memories of their mother’s embrace; a cup of hot wine after a day of bloodshed at the battlefield; the kiss of the girl they loved in their youth; an unexpected act of compassion from a stranger. They were flooded with thoughts of kindness and with the urgency to restore all that was lost, all that was wounded and ailing. Inside of them, and in the world. …” - Fanitsa Petrou

Semi gloss paper.
With envelope.

"The keeper of the Holy Grail" card

SKU: c0095
  • Art & Words Copyright © Fanitsa petrou. All Rights reserved. Any unauthorised use will leadd to legal implications.

Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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