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Sea, glorious Sea!

What is more beautiful, more inspiring, more powerful than the sea? Time and again we return to it.

The Sea, always appears in my Art, even when I have no intention for it to appear... Here is a collection of paintings and Art prints and gifts that will bring a little bit of its beauty into your home and into your life.

Mermaids and dolphins, compasses and shells, sailors and fishes and all things nautical...

Fanitsa Petrou Art, Mermaid, Art Nouveau, sea, original art, memriad paintings, paintings of dolphins, siren, sailor, calligraphy,


to check out all kinds of products with Fanitsa's designs: T-shirts, baby wear, kids wear, flip flops, mugs, pillows, chopping boards, pitchers, plates, cake toppers, ornaments, tiles, coasters, and all kinds of beautiful things. 


Art & Words By Fanitsa Petrou

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